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Flat Earth Terrain

Flat Earth TerrainTM

Flat Earth TerrainTM is a high quality vinyl board cover with photo-quality images. We think it is the ultimate range of terrain products for table top wargaming, and the closest gaming experience to fighting on the real thing. Due to their cost and unique quality, Flat Earth TerrainTM gaming mats should only be regarded as a luxury item for the wargamer or collector who has everything; and not a regular gaming mat.

Flat Earth TerrainTM is made from a high quality vinyl boardcover with a polycarbonate backing sheet (Bullet-proof plastic - DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!). This makes the gaming mat stay flat after being rolled in a tube.

The photo-quality images are based on actual aerial photographs and created using the most advanced CG landscaping software commercially available. The same software was used in a recent Hollywood blockbuster about pirates.

The print is laminated with a protective sheet of transparent plastic. This makes the image more durable and allows the surface to be wiped clean.

For all types of wargaming (Aerial, Sea, Ground and even Space), the smooth finish of the gaming mat reduces the risk of models falling over and being damaged by relief terrain.

The product range will cover specific historical and Sci-fi locations, and will eventually include a selection of generic terrain.

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Initially Flat Earth TerrainTM will be 4' x 4' (1.22m x 1.22m) with other sizes to follow.

It is ideal for 6-10mm epic micro (1/285-1/300) scale wargaming, with other scales to follow.

The 'Roswell New Mexico', Flat Earth TerrainTM Gaming Mat (shown below) will be released as part of the limited edition boxed set of the game  UFO Interception: Roswell 1947TM , and is available to purchase seperately from our Online Warehouse.


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