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MAJIC Miniatures


MAJIC MiniaturesTM range of high quality resin, white metal models and gaming accessories will soon include the following products:


MAJIC Flying BasesTM:

These poseable high quality resin flying bases are designed for some 1/144 and most 1/285 - 1/600 scale aircraft. They give players an unparalleled experience by giving most models complete freedom of movement.

Your aircraft will look like they are flying inverted, barrel rolling, climbing and even diving vertically.


MAJIC Flying BasesTM also come in a variety of colours with 4 record-keeping dials in the base; to make it easier for players to keep track of speed and altitude amongst other things. Can you afford not to base your models with a MAJIC Flying BaseTM? Other styles to be released.

MAJIC MiniaturesTM:

Initially produced in 1/285 scale with other scales (1/600 and 1/1200!) to follow. MAJIC MiniaturesTM are a range of high quality resin and white metal models which will soon include the following products:

  • PULP WAR IITM (1/285) Pewter Miniatures 

  • GORI Occultists (12) £1.20

  • GORI Psychics (12) £1.20

  • Carpathian Vampire Coven (12) £1.20

    Nosferatu Vampire Coven (12) £1.20

    Vampire Bat Swarm (1) £0.60

  • Werewolf Pack (12)  £1.20

  • Pleiadean Grey Party (12) £1.20

  • Pleiadean Grey Observation Pod (1) £0.50


    German Wunderwaffen 

    Krupp Kugelpanzer Reconnaissance Vehicle £0.50

  • Fallschirmajager Schalchtstern VTOL (1) £1.50

  • Alkett VsKfz 617 Minenraumpanzer (1) £1.50

  • Krahe (Crow) Heavy Mechanised Walker (1) £3.00


    Allied Special Weapons 

    Canal Defence Light (CDL) Leaflet Turret (1) £0.40

    (Please Note: M3 Lee/Grant Tank miniature not included).


    • UFOs and Spaceships

    Roswell UFO  (1/285 Scale) £5.00


    Hypersonic Flying Walnut  (1/285 Scale) £2.50



    Pleiadean Grey Scout Saucer  (1/285 Scale) £5.00

    Roswell UFO (1/600 Scale) £2.00


    Vril 7  (1/600 Scale) £2.00


    • German Secret Projects and Prototypes

                  Sanger-Bredt Antipodal Bomber (1/285 Scale) £4.00

    Haunebu IIA + Panzer Turret (1/600 Scale) £2.00

    Haunebu IIB + Turrets (1/600 Scale) £2.00 

    • Experimental Aircraft

    Avro Canada Project Y Concept  (1/285 Scale) £2.50


    Delta X-Plane (1/600 Scale) £2.50


    More products to follow.

    Please note that all miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled.

    Visit the MAJIC MiniaturesTM website for updates or subscribe to our newsletter 'MAJIC EYES ONLY' for more details.